• The Style is Holistic,
    The Spirit is Harmony.
  • Pampering Your Body,
    Mind and Soul in Tranquility.
  • Experience the Uniqueness of
    Holistic Living and Tranquility.
  • Welcome and Experience
    A Holistic Living with Colors Touch.
  • Peaceful Place
    Calm at Dhanesvara.
  • Find Harmony in
    Our Unique Spaces.

Welcome to Dhanesvara

Proudly present a Holistic Unique Homestay, a very different Homestay surrounded by a comfortable and beautiful holistic environtment, designed for leisure and business guests. Dhanesvara translated in Sanskrit as a “Goddess of Peace” was opened in 2006, is a place for those who simply wish to get away from everyday stresses and need a peaceful environment to rest, relax and rejuvenate at the level of mind, body and soul. Dhanesvara features just fifteen unique guest suites, each with its own personality. Location in the suburb of Surabaya, Dhanesvara Holistic Unique Homestay is easily reached by transportation from all over Surabaya, 20 minutes to the airport, 15 minutes to the centre of the town and 5 minutes from the central business area.
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