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Dhanesvara Homestay & Villa is a Indonesian tropical house that was designed by Linggajaya Suryanata, the designer of holistic design and also as a yoga practitioner. He created holistic ambience at Dhanesvara Homestay &Villa using ecological friendly materials and Vastu color creations. 

Each room at Dhanesvara Homestay &Villa is dedicated combine of five basic Vastu elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth. Each suites has soothing yet vibrant colors that reflect the physical and psychological property of each specific element. 

Natural fabrics, colors and materials were used to blend green design elements into furniture and decor. A unique interior also include incorporating ethnic Indonesian design combining the Javanese, Balinese style and the eastern, makes Dhanesvara as the perfect destination and helps our guests want to stay calm and relax as feel at home.

Linggajaya Suryanata

An Interior Designer Graduate after 30th years managing Citralaras Design (his company in interior Consultant) Lingga found his passionate satisfaction as a Holistic Living as Holistic Lifestyle Designer & Color Experts. 

From learning, sharing and growing about Holistic Living offers a way to balance living in all areas, to achieve a happier, healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. He is an enthusiastic proponent for using the Mind – Body connection for sustaining health and happiness, through the practise of yoga, meditating color therapy and an Ayurvedic treatment. 

Lingga has vision was to create a space that is calm, tranquil and harmony, combines healing energy, Vastu Design techniques and design aesthetics to turn holistic environments. In this spirit, I invite you to come and stay in Dhanesvara and hope you enjoy with our hospitality. 


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