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Balance Life

Nowadays, people are working for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week or more over the deadlines and tight work schedules. In the end, the work pressure will develop a risky life, continuous stress, unstable emotional condition. And reduce immunity that affected bad physical and psychological health.
An imbalance life is discomfort and could destroy all life careers. Strive to balance all matters in fair and wise way, hence we need necessary steps to live a normal life and run a balance and simple lifestyle. Here is a simple concept to the creation of a holistic life, balancing life between body, mind, and soul.
First step to live a healthy life physically and mentally is to manage the diet, choose foods with balanced nutrition and appropriate number of calories to your daily rhythms, consume more vegetables and fruits. A healthy diet can cure various diseases inside a human body, as well as a prevention of emerging diseases. Proverb of Ayurveda said “When Diet is Wrong Medicine is No Use. When Diet is Correct Medicine is No Need”.
Second step is sleep management. Every person has different total hours of sleep, the most important thing is to have a good sleep schedule. Do not sleep too late (sleep between 22.00 or 23.00), and get up before sunrise. If your habit is going to bed after midnight, automatically you tend to experience insomnia, vertigo, migraine, abnormal blood pressure, and decreasing memory after 30 years and above. “Bed Early and Early Rise, Make a Healthy Wealthy Life”.
Third step to achieve a healthy body is by doing yoga in the morning before start activity or after work. Yoga keeps your body fit and brings peace for body and soul. Do meditation as well for mind and energy relaxation after a tiring work. Start to focus and notice breathing rhythm, the purpose is not to eliminate thoughts, but to pace a good respiration. “Yoga Began the First Person Wanting to be Healthy and Happy All the Time”.
Relax and balance condition will bring you into a healthier and happier life.