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Colors Theraphy

In daily life, we surrounded by various colors either we can see it or not. As an example, we choose colors of the clothes that matched with our style or profession. As well as in home decoration, colors are selected based on human personality.

Over the years, people realize that colors generate powerful effects. Colors can give positive and negative effects to us. Faber Birren, a color psychologist, said that normal people tend to be able associate positive things in various colors range, instead of neurotic people who tend to associate negative things in colors range. 

Colors selection reflects people’s spiritual and emotional condition, as well as reflects their personality. If one’s feeling is under pressure, they tend to choose dim colors, while when one’s feeling happy they will choose primary colors like red, blue, and bright yellow.
The concept of color therapy is about choosing colors that will provide emotional balance. People with state of loneliness are given therapy with red color option in order to affecting their spirit and compassion. We absorb energy of each color into our aura through skin, and then the body will show the color effect at cellular level.
Colors can control and help to reflect light. Lighting effect has important role to decide which color can be seen with bright light and which one with dim light. A good combination between color and light can cause a very good state of condition for someone.
To work with colors, it is important to understand effect of each color for us both psychologically and physiologically. Here are the colors influence to help you to improve the knowledge about power of colors. Colors have energy wave and have very big effect to us on all level.
Red. Red is identified as courage, full of energy, active, warm, encouraging, and can boost confidence. 
Orange. Identified as youth, fresh, joy, worm, happiness, passion, full of energy, creativity, and can increase appetite. 
Yellow. Identified as a sun, full of energy, passion, success, luxury, optimism, and can reflect a competitive passion. 
Green. Identified as a nature, fertility, growth, harmonious, calm, relaxed, natural, cool, refreshing, and can be soothing. 
Blue. Identified as sea or sky, calmness, quietness, peaceful, comfort, vastness, relief, and can cause security. 
Violet. Identified as spiritual value, introvert, grandeur, luxury, wealth, power, romantic, and encouraging compassion, empathy and humanity. 
Brown. Identified as a nature, warmth, comfort, natural, intimacy, calmness, and can give the impression of cold/static.
Grey. Combination between black and white, stability, freedom, tranquility, cold, static, pause, silence, quiet, and create simple impression. 
Black. Identified with protection, gallant, majestic, full of vitality, strength, elegance, fortitude. 
White. Identified as a holy symbol, calmness, clarity, purity, simplicity, modernity.