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Citralaras Holistic Living Gallery

Find your inner journey in Citralaras Holistic Living Gallery

To the journey in our Citralaras Holistic Living Gallery, you may find many things that able to understand and experience your inner journey. Each of the stuff inside the gallery had its own story. They had been picked and place by the owner carefully. Each of the statue had its own story and journey to get inside the Gallery. Enjoy by yourself.


Gallery Citralaras providing all the goods to have a holistic life style

Medical products like Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, color Therapy, Aromatic Therapy, Aromatich Therapy, Accessoris, Mandala Art, Fashion, and many more

Each Product had been carefully selected and we quarantee of its quality

Comfy Gallery atmosphere, artistic and inspired for holistic life style

Meeting Area

You can use our meeting area facilities for free. With our unique and antique furniture, you can experince a different atmosphere to have enjoyable meetings.

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  • Our "Healthy Lifestyle" Cafe Concept provide healthy food and fresh drink
  • With the comfy, artistic and unique environment interior touch
  • Complete with music that it will relax your body, mind and soul
  • Suitable for having "quality time" with your friends, collegue, and family